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Re: Overriding inherited face attributes

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Overriding inherited face attributes
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2018 09:51:06 +0200

> From: Boris Buliga <>
> Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2018 09:39:29 +0200
> Cc:
>   > (propertize "hello" 'face '(:foreground "red" :inherit (:foreground
> "orange")))
>   #("hello" 0 5 (face (:foreground "red" :inherit (:foreground "orange"))))
>   ;; results in an orange text
>   > (propertize "hello" 'face '((:foreground "red") (:inherit (:foreground
> "orange"))))
>   #("hello" 0 5 (face ((:foreground "red") (:inherit ...))))
>   ;; results in a red text
> To me, it's still confusing. Why in the first example I have an orange text
> and
> in the second one - red?

Isn't the second example simply wrong syntax-wise?  Why did you use an
extra level of parentheses?

> 2. And there is a part saying something I don't quite understand about
> inheritance.
> > Attributes from inherited faces are merged into the face like an
> underlying
> > face would be, with higher priority than underlying faces.
> This one looks good to me. If I understand this correctly - inherited face
> attributes behave as usual face attributes.

They behave the same as attributes of the underlying face, but they
override the underlying face where both specify the same attributes.

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