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Re: using setq to create lists based on other lists...

From: Jean-Christophe Helary
Subject: Re: using setq to create lists based on other lists...
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2018 08:44:31 +0900


Thank you *very much* for the precise pointers.

> On Dec 3, 2018, at 4:11, Robert Thorpe <> wrote:
> However, you're quite right in what you wrote most recently...

It took me a while to sort things out, as the hints kept coming :)

>>> You're using `setq` on vars you haven't declared/defined yet!
>> The Introduction doesn't even mention that...
> It doesn't.  It mentions setq, let and defvar.  But it never says that
> it's the preferred style to define variables with let & defvar first.  I
> think it should say that.
> I've seen lots of beginners write programs that setq undefined symbols
> and now I know why.
>>> Better write this as (setf (nth 3 myDateLastMonth) myDay)
>> No reference to setf in the Introduction, and it's buried under tons of 
>> reference in the Reference...
> I agree here too.  I think setf is important enough that the introduction
> should mention it at least in passing.

Ok, I'll work on that and will propose something. Thank you again.

Jean-Christophe Helary
----------------------------------------------- @brandelune

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