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Re: gmane and gmail

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: gmane and gmail
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2018 09:25:02 -0800
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Roy Lemmon <> writes:

> I have recently subscribed to several mailing lists for Emacs, such as
> help-gnu-emacs and emacs-devel. I have used my regular gmail email for
> this. Not surprisingly, I get lots of emails in my inbox from these lists !
> I am using gnus to both read my email (from Gmail) and also to subscribe to
> and read these mailing lists via gmane. So I am getting the same mailing
> list emails from gmane and also via my Gmail email.
> How do people manage this ? In principle the Gmail emails are redundant as
> I could do everything in gmane. Do you just accept both and filter, or is
> there a way I can post and reply in gmane only and the mailing list doesn't
> send to my gmail address ?

Ideally, you wouldn't sign up to gmane with an email address, you would
just add the gmane NNTP server to your Gnus installation, and do
everything via NNTP.

BUT... the auto-authorization mechanism for gmane has been broken for a
while, so you wouldn't be able to post (unless you've authorized in the

So you're stuck posting via Gmail, and reading via... both. If you set
`gnus-suppress-duplicates' non-nil, then read the messages in one
interface, Gnus will automatically mark the messages read in the other.

But why not just set up a filter in Gmail? Put the messages in their own
folder, mark them read by default, or just delete them altogether.


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