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Ido and Wanderlust

From: Greg Bognar
Subject: Ido and Wanderlust
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2018 23:33:49 +0100


I use Wanderlust ( for email.  It
depends on SEMI ( to provide MIME features,
one of which is the mime-save-content function to save attachments (defined in
mime-play.el, line 263,

I also use ido.  But when I enable ido.el with


mime-save-content stops working.  It wants to save the attachment with the file
name that's on top of the completion list (prompting to overwrite it) and the
default name (ie, the name of the attached file) does not get inserted.

An alternative is to use Wanderlust's own wl-mime-save-content (defined in
wl-mime.el, line 894,, which
beings by inserting the attachment's file name into its own prompt, but if you
want to change the directory it switches to the ido prompt with the same result
as above.  The only solution in both cases is to exit the ido prompt with C-f.

Both functions use ido-read-file-name for read-file-name as ido sets
read-file-name-function.  I'm wondering what it is about ido-read-file-name that
causes this behavior.


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