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Re: bbdbv3 with rmail

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: bbdbv3 with rmail
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2018 09:32:16 -0800
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Michael Welle <> writes:

> Hello,
> Stefan Monnier <> writes:
>>>> BBDB seems a good candidate but dunno if v3 is ok (there is really
>>>> poor litterature with it)
>>> BBDB 3 is a bit arcane and does take time to learn and to get set up
>>> for the way you like to work.
>> Do you happen to have concrete examples at hand of "arcanity" and other
>> difficulty you encountered (or which you think someone else would
>> encounter)?
> I wouldn't use the term arcane, but I think part of the issue -if it is
> an issue- is that a lot of (most?) documentation/howtos/tutorials/stuff
> out there is for bbdbv2 and that naturally doesn't work anymore with
> bbdbv3. As a result, you may need more time to configure stuff to your
> liking and you probably need more knowledge about how things work. And
> that is putting off a lot of people, I think.
> Well, my personal pet peeve is the design of bbdbv3. As with its
> predecessor, support for specific applications is (deeply) build into
> bbdb. I think it would be better to provide a nice general interface and
> let the application camps (wanderlust, Org, foo, etc.) implement their
> use cases.

Allow me to very gently point out the existence of EBDB (in the repos),
which was designed with this sort of thing in mind. And it has a manual!

/shameless plug

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