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gnus summary buffer number of articles

From: Daniel Herzig
Subject: gnus summary buffer number of articles
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2019 11:41:05 +0000

Hi all!

Since yesterday or the day before yesterday I'm noticing some strange
behaviour of the summary buffer in gnus.

The group buffer shows me a number of unread mails, but when I enter the
corresponding summary, only one mail is shown.

I can read them all -- if I leave summary to group and reenter -- one by

In some cases I see two article summaries next to each other, while only
the one on the left side is accessible. In the group buffer, appearance
of asterikses regarding marked mails does not seem to be consistent anymore.

I definitively did some fiddling around in my .emacs recently, but nothing (as
far as I can judge) touching gnus. gnus.el is not changed, .newsrc was
not touched.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious, any help is appreciated.

Best regards,

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