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Re: new help message in Emacs 25

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: new help message in Emacs 25
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2019 15:45:16 -0400
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>> Then perhaps we ought to send the maintainer, er, the webmaster of
>> [1] a, ehm, "note" asking for a short <p>aragraph, emplaning the
>> reduced Emacs criticality levels, but still show 'em all in one
>> swee</p>?

That would be an inappropriate place to do so, since those are generic
instructions for all the packages using Some of them do
use those higher severities. The appropriate place would be

But personally I do not think it is worth bothering.

IMO covers it

    If a report is of a particularly serious bug, or is merely a feature
    request that, you can set the severity level of the bug as you
    report it. This is not required, however, and the developers will
    assign an appropriate severity level to your report if you do not.

AFAIK Emacs has made no deliberate decision to avoid the higher
severities, it is just they very rarely seem applicable/needed.

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