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`if' in Elisp (was: Re: title-case function)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: `if' in Elisp (was: Re: title-case function)
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2019 12:31:10 +0200
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Paul W. Rankin wrote:

>>> It seems to work alright, but I don't
>>> understand it? You don't need
>>> `progn' anymore?
>>> (if nil
>>>    0
>>>  (message "been here")
>>>  1) ; 1 and got message
>>> ??
>> Do you mean using progn for the ELSE in the
>> if expression? From the documentation on
>> `if':
>> (if COND THEN ELSE...)
>> THEN must be one expression, but ELSE... can
>> be zero or more expressions.
> So yeah, progn is unnecessary.

Unbelievable, when/how did this happen?!

>> Did you look into this [2] ?
>>     BTW make a search for "Emanuel Berg" :)
> Ah right, no I didn't find that one. Nice.
> Given that there are no definitive rules
> regarding title case minor words, I think
> I prefer using a defcustom for these (i.e.
> I wouldn't consider "over" or "past" as
> a minor words because they're four letters).

I didn't have anything to do with the rules
when Mr. Voit wrote that, but I think I agree
with you, so I CC this to him so he can do what
he pleases with it.

underground experts united

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