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Re: Overlay after-string with cursor (Stefan Monnier)

From: otadmor .
Subject: Re: Overlay after-string with cursor (Stefan Monnier)
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2019 13:03:25 +0300

On Mon, Aug 12, 2019, 12:25 Stefan Monnier <> wrote:

> > Do I have to re-bind the key map of the overlay so it would accept the
> > arrow keys and change the 'cursor property accordingly?
> Something like that, most likely, yes.
> > more spaces it is harder to navigate inside the files diff. Using the
> > arrow keys makes the navigation easier. currently I have synchronized
> > both buffers (side A and side B, C and ancestor) to received the arrow
> > keys presses on the "ediff help buffer" (I have created a new
> Then you can set/change the `cursor` property as part of the
> synchronization.


> The main problem you'll have is that he overlay's after-string will
> never be displayed such that only the "second half" is visible, so if
> it spans many lines scrolling will "jump" over those many lines.
The jump is exactly what I have experienced and did not quite understood
what is hapenning there. Should it be possible to scroll by pixel into the

I am unaware whether some buffer text can be shown in only one window (the
inverse of hidden overlay with window property).
If so I would insert the newlines as real text and set save hook to remove
them before saving. I would have to fix gotoline and such, but these are of
my least concern now.
I could create a fake buffer with the data instead of comparing the
original file. This would fix some more issues as I'm using persp mode and
planing of a dedicated perspective for ediff.

>         Stefan

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