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Re: Searching in Gnus: gnus-group-make-nnir-group does not recurse into

From: Vegard Vesterheim
Subject: Re: Searching in Gnus: gnus-group-make-nnir-group does not recurse into subtopics
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2019 06:15:05 +0000

On Thu, 26 Sep 2019 14:22:27 -1000 Bob Newell <> wrote:

>>> "When I initiate a search (gnus-group-make-nnir-group) with the
>>> cursor on a topic, only the immediate subtopics are searched,
>>> the topic hierarchy is not traversed recursively"
> Ah, there's a simple answer as it turns out. Position the
> cursor to the top of the hierarchy of interest (the topic
> line). Press # and every visible group in the topic hierarchy
> gets marked. A subsequent G G searches all the marked
> groups. Remove the marks with M U.

Although it does not solve my problem completely, this is a useful
tip. Thanks.

> If you want to search non-visible groups as well, that's
> another issue.

Yes, I still think that it should be possible to perform a search in a
topic and all its sub-topics recursively. I even think this should be
the default behaviour. If it is not, then at least the documentation
should be clarified to indicate that only immediate subtopics is
included in the search.

The function `gnus-topic-find-groups' looks promising. I did some
experimentation, but I was unable to find out how to use it. When given
a topic as argument, it seems to return unrelated topics as well.

 - Vegard V

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