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Why can't OSX handle Emacs client frames

From: Ben Mezger
Subject: Why can't OSX handle Emacs client frames
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2019 15:41:52 -0300

By using the latest Emacs version from [1], it seems that when running
in daemon-mode and when opening a new client frame from the terminal
or from a custom OSX app I wrote which opens a new frame when clicking
or starts a new daemon is case it's not running, it seems I am unable
to ⌘-tab.

The only way for me to find the client frame, is by running Mission
Control with the touchpad or by moving the client to a full-screen
desktop and then swiping to that desktop Although the Emacs client is
running, I am also unable to see the client Emacs dock icon of a
running client.

Any reason why this happens and why can't I manage these frames with
OSX? Really annoying not being able to ⌘-tab or by clicking the emacs
icon in doc.

[1] -

Kind regards,
Met een vriendelijke groet,

Ben Mezger
PGP: B456 B356 E3DC F1A6 1479  C936 AC7A 3084 3ADC 0D65

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