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Re: (require) is still required, even after (package-initialize)

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: (require) is still required, even after (package-initialize)
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2019 11:35:38 +0100
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Pankaj Jangid <> writes:

> But I don't think this is causing any issue in init.el. For server
> setup, I have only this in my init.el:
> ;; start server for emacsclient support
> (require 'server)                     ; I don't know why this is
>                                       ; required after
>                                       ; package-initialize
> (unless (server-running-p) (server-start))

Ok, so there is no relation to flymake.

"server" is a built-in library, and `server-running-p' is not an
autoload function, so (require 'server) is needed in your init file.

package.el is the Emacs package manager to install packages from outside
repositories.  `package-intitialize' activates your installed packages
(it doesn't load them).  But that doesn't matter here since server is
not a package at all.  You want to keep `package-intitialize' and you
use it correctly, it just doesn't cover as much as you thought.

Did that answer all of your questions?



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