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Re: ^L showing up in Emacs M-x shell-mode, with ksh but not bash

From: Kurtis Rader
Subject: Re: ^L showing up in Emacs M-x shell-mode, with ksh but not bash
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2019 17:56:56 -0800

On Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 4:19 PM Nicholas Papadonis <> wrote:

> When Emacs is invoked in an X-session and when I resize a M-x shell-mode
> *shell* window by more then a single line of text, $PS2 is being output in
> the shell mode window.  When I type <return> then a number of "^L"s are
> also output in the shell mode window.
> I'm using /bin/ksh93 in Debian.
> This behavior does not occur with bash.
> Does anyone know why this is happening?  Also, more ways to debug it?

No idea what's happening, but I wouldn't leap to the conclusion that $PS2
is being displayed. Given the presence of the [ctrl-L] chars it's just as
likely that both chars are being sent to the shell. Possibly
bracketed-paste mode is enabled by the emacs shell mode. If you start the
shell, then in a different window strace it what appears in the trace when
you resize the window? Also, you might want to try the current development
version that you'll find at
<>. It's easy to build if you're
willing to install Meson.

P.S., You might want to take a look at for capturing
terminal sessions for playback.

Kurtis Rader
Caretaker of the exceptional canines Junior and Hank

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