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Re: Is Gnus mailing list active?

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: Re: Is Gnus mailing list active?
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2019 23:52:05 -0500
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Pankaj Jangid <> writes:

> Even after configuring AWS SES as my SMTP I am still facing issues
> subscribing to Gnus mailing list. I am getting this reply when I send
> email to with subject "subscribe" without quotes:
> What could be wrong at my end? Is it the MX server at zoho that is
> intercepting the emails?
> Regards,

What was the body of your email?  I don’t think
the subject matters in this case, but the body
should have “subscribe ding” (without quotes)
in it.  Did you try that?

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