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Re: binding b-key to pageback behavior

From: VanL
Subject: Re: binding b-key to pageback behavior
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019 22:45:14 +1100
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Emanuel Berg via Users list for the GNU Emacs text editor
<> writes:

> VanL wrote:
>>>> Is there a general configuration to bind
>>>> b-key to pageback?
>>> Well, how would that work? In your code, it
>>> isn't even the same function, it is
>>> `scroll-down-command', then its
>>> `View-scroll-page-backward'... And even if
>>> it did, after evaluating it one wouldn't be
>>> able to write this very message!
>> Those modes the customization is done to are
>> for reading only in the main.
> I thought by "general" you meant you looked for
> a way to do it without stating the specific
> modes and/or functions?

I was meaning 'general' in the sense where SPC
functions to scroll, there, I'd like for b-key
to scroll the other way.

> If that's not what you meant, what is a general
> configuration to bind a specific key to
> a concept, which is implemented differently in
> different modes?

I figure the modes all fall in ultimately in
two boxes, either for reading or editing.

>> SPC behaves as expected there and I look for
>> the reverse binding to apply to b.
> Do `C-h k SPC' to find out what SPC does.
> Use this to figure out the name of the reverse
> function. Bind this to b:
> (require 'mode)
> (define-key mode-map "b" #'function-name)

Ah, that is neat and short.  Thanks.

>> Thanks for the suggestions. Are you able to
>> put a LICENSE on your code?
>> For example, I keep a CC0 empty file and..
> CC0 = Creative Commons 1.0?

I believe that one is desireable for

> Well, I haven't read the small print...
> Is it enough if I put one file in the base
> directory of all my Elisp?

Having the license in the actual file like in
'rot13.el' is best, I believe.

əə0@ 一 二 三 言 語 𝔖
'VLIW architecture?'

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