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Re: Best Emacs Mail client.

From: Marcio T
Subject: Re: Best Emacs Mail client.
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019 13:46:17 -0300
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Same case for me. Newsgroups are already configured in Emacs/Gnus but
I am struggling with authentication problems when entering my user/pass.
Therefore I am using Thunderbird, but the goal is to move 100% to Emacs
as soon as I can get it working.

I found a few guides in Internet and none of them worked (so far) for me.



On 27/11/2019 08:49, Jude DaShiell wrote:
Haven't been able to find anything on youtube that actually
concentrates on gnus.  Other mentions of gnus but those videos deal
with wonderlust and other packages.
I got gnus working with usenet but not e-mail yet.


Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019 04:44:32
From: ??? <>
Subject: Re: Best Emacs Mail client.

Hello zensky,

"M.R.P. zensky" <> writes:

Hello I wondering what the best mail client is for me to use. I do not
want to use gnus. I just want a really good mail client that can
handle pop and map. Can Rmail support POP and Imap? Should I look

Or, you would be make Gnus liks as:

- personal messages is to join with nnimap (imap)
- public mailing messages is to join with Gmane (nntp)

Your life will be more happy if you study gnus-posting-style ;;;


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