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Re: Best Emacs Mail client.

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Best Emacs Mail client.
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2019 00:36:08 +0100
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Herbert J. Skuhra wrote:

>> Hello I wondering what the best mail client
>> is for me to use. I do not want to use gnus.
>> I just want a really good mail client that
>> can handle pop and map. Can Rmail support
>> POP and Imap? Should I look elsware?
> Wanderlust. Why is no one else suggesting it?
> I use Gnus only for NNTP. I've never figured
> out how to speed it up.

That Gnus is slow is something I hear from time
to time so it must be true. But I never
experienced that! And I use it for NNTP/Usenet,
Gmane, and mail (the nnml backend). On an RPi3b
- CPU 1.2GHz, memory 1GB ... ?

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