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Re: does (setq Man-switches "-a") work?

From: Perry Smith
Subject: Re: does (setq Man-switches "-a") work?
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2019 09:08:39 -0600

> On Nov 30, 2019, at 8:40 AM, Emanuel Berg via Users list for the GNU Emacs 
> text editor <> wrote:
> Perry Smith wrote:
>>> For zshall(1), I still get only page 1 of
>>> 16...
>> I didn’t see anyone mention: the buffer has
>> been narrowed down to the first manpage.
>> There are options to wide it as well as move
>> from page to page.
>> C-x n w runs the command widen
> That's it, thank you! 
> Now just automate that, file the report, and
> look forward to the promotion :)

I just hit this exact same issue about a month ago.

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