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Re: Best Emacs Mail client.

From: VanL
Subject: Re: Best Emacs Mail client.
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2019 08:00:05 +1100
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Emanuel Berg writes:

> VanL wrote:
>>> Maybe, but I don't think that's
>>> the explanation.
>> The on entry to group delay is gone after
>> catching up on the gmane groups with 0 to
>> their columns.
> Good, now what delays remain?

The initial 45sec delay on start.  An existing session that does not
prompt for passphrase shows activity on the status line or echo area
after 15sec. 

> The start Gnus delay, while not optimal,
> perhaps isn't a practical issue if you keep
> Emacs and Gnus on all the time?

I keep Emacs running for as long as it can.  Normally, I quit and start

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