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Re: Frame split toggle

From: VanL
Subject: Re: Frame split toggle
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2019 16:22:28 +1100
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>> Simple question, does emacs has any function
>> to change the window split from horizontal
>> to vertical.
> `split-window-vertically' will split the window
> vertically ... yes, it's the truth! ... if
> that's what you mean?
> If you want to change some default behavior
> when splitting windows please tell what
> function it is you use to do that.

C-x 2 ; does split-window-below
C-x 3 ; does split-window-right

A use case could be for 'C-x 2' to always split in the direction of
toggle-state.  The symbols '-' and '|' make sense for toggle-state
direction as part of keychord.  That frees up 'C-x 3' for something
else, possibly as Prefix Command.

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