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Re: Trying to debug assemly

From: Andrew Savonichev
Subject: Re: Trying to debug assemly
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2019 10:27:39 +0300

aprekates <> writes:
> I have a simp cpuid.s assemblied to cpuid.o and linked to create a  
> cpuid executable.
> In emacs i do :
> M-x gdb
> and i give as argument the cpuid path.
> I get :
> Reading symbols from 
> /home/chomwitt/Programming/Assembly/Blum/code/chap04/cpuid...done.
> (gdb) Undefined command: "1-inferior-tty-set".  Try "help".
> (gdb) Undefined command: "2-gdb-set".  Try "help".
> [...]
> What are those lines mean? Are those warnings or bugs?

M-x gdb gives you a default command `gdb -i=mi'. Make sure you don't
delete this `-i=mi' option, and just add a path to an executable:

  M-x gdb
  gdb -i=mi /path/to/cpuid

More about `-i=mi' option:


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