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compiling a book called "The Emacs World" (was: Re: harmful code and rum

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: compiling a book called "The Emacs World" (was: Re: harmful code and rumor? ELPA etc. you figure it out :))
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2019 17:50:56 +0100
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tomas wrote:

>> here is the UNEDITED backlog where incal
>> asked about... just read it, no comments, no
>> introduction, no excuses. incal = me, but
>> you knew that ;)
>> <incal> is the rumor true that destructive
> [...]
> Sorry. TL;DR.

tomas once told incal was not behaving
correctly with language. tomas was right, incal
shouldn't have said that :( it happened, and
incal couldn't tell the guy he had learned from
it and would never do it again :(

anyway let's be positive :) :) :) yeah, á ó ø :D
cheers Berlin you old something-something

There is more backlog about the book project...
oh, no! must I post it. well, this is my

Here is the book idea, I already told you
about it, let's do it, the fun and easy way!
Emacs coffee table book, let me do it buhubu.
You know it would be great! So many people
don't like me, so they can't see the
project itself. so if you can't, read this
line: it is a great idea :)

UNEDITED backlog:

<incal> BUT! can contain information, great
        stuff. learn C++ in 1 month.
        to a skilled programmer in late 20s,
        sooo easy. but he already knows C++ ;)
<incal> but as books they have no soul
<incal> soul
<incal> wait the best computer book in terms of
        soul, I have
<incal> as an Biblatex entry
<incal> Unix???
<fsbot> Don't count on it!
<incal> @book{quarter-century-of-unix,
<incal>   author     = {Peter Salus},
<incal>   isbn       = 0201547775,
<incal>   publisher  = {Addison-Wesley},
<incal>   title      = {A Quarter Century of
<incal>   year       = 1994
<incal> }
<incal> oh! great book! who is Peter Salus???
<fsbot> Signs point to yes!
<parsnip> hmm, maybe it's time to try to script
          more of my outlook experience
<parsnip> incal: no need to paste multiple line
<incal> then I had a book idea!
<incal> the book was supposed to be called "The
        Emacs World"
<incal> there should be one chapter on
<incal> one on Gnus
<incal> and so on
<incal> ER
<ldlework> the future is gonna be weird....
<incal> -C
<incal> everything you do with Emacs
<roliacole> bpalmer: ok and in which mode is
            the text read as in text mode ?
            even in fundamental mode it is
            interpreting the text
<incal> even one chapter, about a completely
        unknown Joe Elisp Hacker
<incal> who writes Elisp :)
<justanotheruser> bremner: thanks, I'll try out
                 tikz, it appears to do what
                 I want well. Let's see if
                 I can get tikz working with
                 babel though...
<justanotheruser> only problem is it's not
                 obvious how I can export this
                 to html
<incal> anyway that book would be so gorgeous
        in LaTeX with dumps and photos
        and everything!
<incal> chapters, let's go: Emacs, Elisp,
        Emacs-w3m, Gnus, ERC, what's more?
        programming mode, let's say: C, and
        SQL! bonus Elisp chapter (2)
<incal> editor = incal puts it together and
        does the LaTeX and Biblatex
<incal> however he does not write a pretentious
<quiliro> Why e3w and not eww?
<incal> quiliro: both can be there!
        but Emacs-w3m from Japan is more
        exiting to me :)
<jeremy_c> (setq my-var "hello") ... '("value1"
           "value2" my-var)  ?

underground experts united

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