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Re: Temporary notes in Emacs buffers?

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: Temporary notes in Emacs buffers?
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2020 02:42:39 +0100
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Marcin Borkowski <> writes:

> At present, I use normal code comments, however, this is suboptimal,
> since I cannot use them in certain modes (occur buffer, JSON).

Is that occur buffer saved to a file?  Because, if it's a dynamically
created buffer, how could notes attached to it be durable at all?

> Does there exist something like that?  Am I the only one interested in
> such a feature?  (I'd be happy to code it myself, though it would take
> time, of course.)

I also considered to implement something like that several times.

We could use overlays to assign the positions and overlay properties to
store note texts and metadata.  When a buffer is edited, the overlay
begin and end marker positions are updated by Emacs on the fly.  I would
use after-save-hook or so to make Emacs save that stuff automatically
for every file save.  Where it is saved would be (file locally)
configurable: in a file local variable, in a directory local variable,
or in a configurable central place.

When you open a file, a minor-mode-hook would arrange that everything is

There would also be a variant for dired buffers to attach notes to whole


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