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RE: Temporary notes in Emacs buffers?

From: arthur miller
Subject: RE: Temporary notes in Emacs buffers?
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2020 13:31:01 +0000

Interesting discussion.

To me it is clear that any solution to a file format, such as plain ascii text, 
is going to be external to annotated file itself. Whatever you use, Drew's 
bookmarks+, file- or dir-local, or some other custom. An external solution 
implies that you will have your annotation in different place then file itself 
which you will have to take care off with backups, moving etc. You could 
automate that by implementing some kind of file handler as Drew suggested some 
day ago. You can implement something in Emacs as a hook to file save and/or 
dired machinery or if you are on Gnu/linux you could use inotify.

Otherwise there is Org, you can use org mode (or something similar) and 
implement your annotations as references or hyperlinks or something else. That 
would turn your text file into org text file.

There is also some org annotation mode that won't change your original text fil:

 but with same problem of having annotation separated from the original file.

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Från: Michael Heerdegen <>
Datum: 2020-01-03 02:08 (GMT+01:00)
Till: Drew Adams <>
Kopia: Help Gnu Emacs mailing list <>
Ämne: Re: Temporary notes in Emacs buffers?

Drew Adams <> writes:

> I guess you mean just what you said before: You
> want to be able to move a file, and some bookmarks
> that target it, to a different directory, and have
> the bookmarks continue to work there.


> > names.  You are sure that there is no predefined way to use relative
> > names?

> You can define a bookmark handler for any type of
> bookmark.  The handler could ignore the directory
> part of the recorded file name, and get the needed
> directory from somewhere else, e.g., from a global
> variable or a function.  (It has to come from
> somewhere.)  E.g., a variable could have an alist
> value with keys for your different whatevers (even
> nondir-filename keys) and with dirs as the values.
> But then you'd have to update the variable value
> when you move the targeted files.  As I said before,
> you can write code that does something like that
> [...]

Can't I just use a file or directory local variable for that part?  That
would be a trivial solution for the problem.

The problem is that the bookmark file can't know where I may have moved
a file to -- but I'm very unlikely to move the bookmark file very often.
So I would prefer a solution where the file knows where to ask for its
bookmarks and annotations, and the bookmark mechanism has the data and
the mean to deliver it.


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