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Re: Temporary notes in Emacs buffers?

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: Temporary notes in Emacs buffers?
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2020 03:37:25 +0100
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Drew Adams <> writes:

> Vanilla Emacs bookmarks provide the ability to annotate.
> Bookmark+ enhances annotating (e.g. to use Org and
> indirection), but the annotation provided by vanilla
> Emacs bookmarking does what you requested.

Do Vanilla bookmarks really recognize automatically when a bookmarked
position has changed because the user has inserted some preceding text?
I mean, I know bookmarks save surrounding text to work around that
problem but that works only by luck most of the time.  Same question for
highlighting bookmarked positions: I thought such features were only
added by "bookmark+"?


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