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Speed up make-frame?

From: Benson Chu
Subject: Speed up make-frame?
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2020 23:56:18 -0600


I want to speed up the make-frame function, and I feel like I'm missing out
on some sort of configuration variable or something, because I can't find
much about it.

I've done some profiling for the issue, and it seems that most of the time
is spent in `x-create-frame-with-faces', which calls
`face-set-after-frame-default', which is where I've narrowed down the
issue. To my understanding, `face-set-after-frame-default' copies all faces
from the old frame to the new frame. For me, this is about 1,500 faces
(length (face-list)), and it takes a good 1-5 seconds to do this operation.

I spent some time today writing some advice to manually select which faces
to copy based on some regexp, which has patched up the issue partially for
me, but I am wondering if there is a more generic solution.

Thanks for the help!

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