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Re: Running gdb in emacs.

From: Madhu
Subject: Re: Running gdb in emacs.
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2020 14:42:53 +0530

* Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> :
Wrote on Thu, 16 Jan 2020 17:09:03 +0200:

> "M-x gud-gdb" is the old way of running GDB under Emacs.  It relies on
> a GDB feature, called "annotations", which is deprecated by the GDB
> developers, and could be removed from GDB at any moment.
> "M-x gdb" with all its features was written to be the main method of
> running GDB from Emacs.  We suggest that you use only "M-x gdb",
> unless you have a very good reason, like some version of GDB that
> doesn't support the mi interface well.

I know you've given me advice before and I did try gdb-mi again, but it
I fint it is still unusable.  I can think of two reasons:

1. I am limited to using 80column frames and the windows that gdb-mi are
too small and their content cannot be viewed without too navigating
through too many keystrokes - repeated at every `step'

2. I prefer to use display-buffer-reuse-window when possible for
display-buffer.  When stepping through functions which are spread out in
different files I need to have all the files open at specific points
(i'm trying to understand the code).  Every `step' alters the window
configuration that I expect and I spend more time in getting back to
where I was before invoking the gdb action, than actually debugging.

On the other hand gud-gdb is more managable.  With annotations it also
pops to the buffer with the annotated source line (when available) but
the overall disruption is much less.

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