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starting emacsclient with emacs --daemon

From: J. David Boyd
Subject: starting emacsclient with emacs --daemon
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 13:29:20 -0500
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For years, I've started emacs with the --daemon option.   Then I've been able
to start emacsclient with
emacsclient -c -n, and got a new empty window to use as I please.

Sometime in the not too distant past, this changed.  If I run
emacsclient -c -n, a window opens, then closes immediately.

Have I missed a note in "what's new" somewhere about changed functionality?

Or has my memory totally gone belly up?

Now I've been using

emacsclient -c

to get a window to open, and do what I want, but that still leaves the
terminal locked.

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