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Two questions

From: Perry Smith
Subject: Two questions
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2020 11:26:54 -0600

I’m using the nightly build from EmacsForMacOS because I want the 
XDG_CONFIG_HOME change that went into emacs 27.

Q1: When is this scheduled for release so I can stop using the nightly build?  
(Mostly just curious.  The nightly is working ok.)

Q2: I just had emacs die on my Mac.  Just *poof* and its gone with the message 
"if I want to restart ...".  Should I try and send this information into the 
maintainers and if so, how would I do that?  What files will be useful to them? 
 Do I send it to the EmacsForMac guys or the GNU emacs guys?

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