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Not groking vm-imap-account-alist format

From: Skip Montanaro
Subject: Not groking vm-imap-account-alist format
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 05:32:48 -0600

I'm trying to set up vm to access my Gmail account. I generated an app
password and need to construct a valid value for
vm-imap-account-alist, but seem unable to accomplish that feat. Using

(setq vm-imap-account-alist

I get this error message:

vm-read-imap-folder-name: IMAP folder required in the format

when executing vm-visit-imap-folder. It's not clear to me where the
account-name ends and the folder-name begins given that the details
I've got have so many other colons. I cribbed the above setting from
the help for the vm-imap-account-list variable, substituting my
details for what was given. Working through the fields, it's not clear
to me what "inbox" and "login" mean. I just copied them from the help
message. The other bits make sense. I changed "*" in the help with my
Google app password.

Any help would be appreciated...

Skip Montanaro

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