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Re: No Help Window from *Packages* - No Package Specified Error

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: No Help Window from *Packages* - No Package Specified Error
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2020 15:30:07 -0900
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On 2/18/20 2:31 PM, Drew Adams wrote:
Hi Tim,

Could you try bisecting either dired+.el or el-get.el (commenting out 1/2,... 
etc.), to see which part of either (or both) is causing the problem?

Began commenting out below the stack of required expressions. With el-get again being required/loaded from init.el, the list-packages help window was disabled with the "No package specified" error message regardless of the section disabled

Then I commented out all of the required expressions at the top of el-get.el and the error went away. Began uncommenting and found that the error shows again where

(require 'el-get-methods)

is executed.

May I conclude that it is coming from el-get-methods?

I'm guessing it's something more general, something used in one or both of 
those libraries that is not particularly uncommon/bizarre, but that doesn't 
work well with package.el.  If so, it would be good to know what, and maybe 
report it to Emacs as a bug, if it's something that should be normal.

(Alternatively, maybe it's something in package.el.)

BTW, is this a new problem, e.g. started happening with a recent version of one 
or more of the 3 libraries (dired+, el-get, package)?

I use list-packages very infrequently. I also install new versions from source regularly as they are introduced as being stable - as in : ./configure; make; make install

I don't recall what was previous to 26.3 because it has been overwritten as /usr/local/bin but it was at that version that I first noticed it.


Thx - Drew

It appears to me that the following two packages:
(require 'package)
(require 'el-get)
are causing the problem.

So, with dired+ loaded and the two packages above loaded, I do not get a
*Help* window when I click on a link to a package in the *Packages*
window, which is invoked from Alt-x list-packages.

With (require 'dired+) commented out, I will get the *Help* window.

With dired+ loaded; package el-get disabled I will get the *Help* window.

So, I guess I will go with dired+ enabled, 'packages and 'el-get
disabled and the issue appears to be solved.


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