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Google Drive nonfree

From: SuarezMiguelC
Subject: Google Drive nonfree
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 01:00:44 +0000

Hello Emacs email list!, I'm an user of Emacs which I love using.

I'm here for some clarification, Navigating the Emacs official page, I could 
see on releases that you present the feature on Emacs 26.1 that you can use 
TRAMP to connect to Google Drive.

I see problems with this, first, why do we need to connect into a propietary 
software within emacs? isn't this making Emacs non-free?
Two, well, mentioning non-free software on your documentation on EmacsWiki and 
also on the main page as I said.

Maybe I have some ideas wrong with this, if I stated something wrong, please 
correct me.

Miguel Suarez

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