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Re: Emacs 27 may send invalid email messages without signaling an error

From: Rainer Gemulla
Subject: Re: Emacs 27 may send invalid email messages without signaling an error
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2020 15:43:19 +0000
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> > I had sent a bug report
> > ( about a bug in
> > messaging in the Emacs 27 branch to the bug tracker over a months ago,
> > but haven't heard back.
> >
> > It's a severe bug: Emacs may send invalid (i.e., unreadable) email
> > messages to the recipient without the sender noticing. The bug is still
> > present as of today, and this makes Emacs 27 unusable for me.
> >
> > I tried to look into the bug myself, but got stuck somewhere deep in
> > Emacs internals. Do you have any suggestions for how to proceed or help
> > fixing this bug?
> Try describing the bug as part of a frequent/important use case.  The
> description you posted is so convoluted and full of invoking special
> functions that it's hard to realize why it is a severe bug that needs
> to be fixed ASAP.  That other users didn't report anything like that,
> and no one chimed in to say "me too", the impression of the bug being
> specific to your setup or usage patterns is reinforced.
Thank you, Eli! I've closed and reposted the bug accordingly. I may well be that
many/most other people do not care (e.g., don't use Emacs for email or don't 
sign emails).

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