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Re: gnus nnml/nnimap-split-fancy

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: gnus nnml/nnimap-split-fancy
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 22:09:14 +0000
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Amin Bandali <> writes:

>>>> Finally, with nnimap splitting, the default group is "bogus". How I
>>>> specific "don't do anything with the message, but leave it where it
>>>> is"?
>>> I manually specify the name of the inbox like so:
>>> (nnimap "gnu"
>>>         ;; [...]
>>>         (nnimap-inbox "INBOX")
>>>         (nnimap-split-methods 'nnimap-split-fancy)
>>>         (nnimap-split-fancy (|
>>>                              ;; [...]
>>>                              ;; otherwise, leave mail in INBOX
>>>                              "INBOX")))
>>> Not sure if there's a better way.
>> And does that work? I mean it doesn't remove the message and then read
>> add it or some such? I presume that splitting only happens over unread
>> messages, because I use "inbox infinite" -- so I get a lot of messages
>> there.
> Yeah it works fine for me, at least for nnimap, I'd imagine because of
> C-h v nnimap-unsplittable-articles RET, defaulting to '(%Deleted %Seen),
> meaning that messages marked as deleted or read should not be subject to
> splitting.  That said, I think an explicit "do nothing" rule would be
> nice indeed.

Ah, okay, thats good information.

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