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PNG support for Emacs on Windows

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: PNG support for Emacs on Windows
Date: Sat, 02 May 2020 23:17:40 +0100


I've installed Emacs 26.3 on a MS Windows 10 PC.  It seems to work fine.

I wanted PNG support, so I downloaded the PNG library from ezwinports.
I installed it so that the /bin directory is on the path.  I've done this
before.  I'm fairly sure that last time once I'd done that PNG support
just started working.

PNG support doesn't seem to work though.  It gives the error "Cannot
Display Image: (Invalid Image Specification".

I noticed one thing that might be the problem.  I used the 64-bit build
of Emacs.  But, ezwinports only has the 32-bit build of the PNG
library.  I don't know if Windows can deal with a call from a 64-bit
program to a 32-bit library.  If it can't, where can I get a 64-bit
version of the PNG library?

Robert Thorpe

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