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Re: Turning off sh-electric-here-document-mode?

From: Philipp Stephani
Subject: Re: Turning off sh-electric-here-document-mode?
Date: Wed, 13 May 2020 13:22:13 +0200

Am Mi., 13. Mai 2020 um 02:51 Uhr schrieb Douglas Lewan <>:
> OK. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here.
> I want to turn off sh-electric-here-document-mode, but all the obvious
> things seem to fail. I've put every one of the following in my .emacs,
> but I still get here-documents in shell-script-mode.
> (sh-electric-here-document-mode nil)
> (sh-electric-here-document-mode 0)
> (sh-electric-here-document-mode -1)
> (sh-electric-here-document-mode)
> How do I do this? Thanks in advance.

It's a local mode, so all of those will only enable it in whatever
buffer is current while evaluating your ~/.emacs (probably the scratch
buffer). You need to customize sh-mode-hook instead.

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