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Building and installing a multifile package

From: Douglas Lewan
Subject: Building and installing a multifile package
Date: Wed, 27 May 2020 16:02:09 -0400
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I'm trying to create a multifile package for tracking health-related information. The info on multifile packages doesn't seem to tell a complete story. (Or I'm just too dense to fill in the details.)

I have a file called health-pkg.el, a variety of other *.el files and a README. (The source tree also contains a Makefile and an issues database, but I assume that they don't matter.) The file health-pkg.el contains only the (define-package) form and comments.

The Makefile has a package: target that contains the following code with the intent of checking the package:


    cp ${PACKAGE_TARNAME} ~/src/emacs/packages ;                        \

    emacs --batch --quick                                    \

        --load "package.el" --eval '(package-initialize)'                \

        --eval "(setq package-archives (list (cons \"health\" 

        --eval '(package-install "${PACKAGE}")'

I seem to be unable to figure out a number of things:
1. What do I put in ~/src/emacs/packages?
   The tar file?
   The individual files?
   A directory that contains the individual files?
   A directory that contains the tar file?
   How would that directory be named?
   I would assume ${PACKAGE}-${PACKAGE_VERSION}, but I'm not entirely sure.
2. How does the installation itself work?
   Can I use (package-install) as above?
   I consistently get the error "Package `health-' is unavailable".
   If I add the version, then I get the corrsponding error including the version,
   but still with that dangling dash:
       Package `health-0.01-' is unavailable

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