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Re: Gnus: Store message in PGP-decrypted form

From: Teemu Likonen
Subject: Re: Gnus: Store message in PGP-decrypted form
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2020 09:50:51 +0300

Marvin ‘quintus’ Gülker [2020-06-09T10:02:22+02] wrote:

> until recently I was using mutt for handling my e-mail. In my desire
> to move as much of my daily workflow into Emacs as possible, I am
> currently investigating whether Gnus suits my needs. So far, it is
> pretty nice. I however often have PGP-encrypted conversations, and
> those are impossible to properly search.

Another email client option would be Notmuch Emacs. Notmuch is an
indexing system for mail and Notmuch Emacs is an email client based on
that. There is option index.decrypt which enables indexing of encrypted
messages (when user decrypts them). When the option is enabled the
message itself is kept in encrypted form in the file system but the
Notmuch database will contain normal indexed data about message's

Optionally the Notmuch database can store the _session_ keys for all or
selected encrypted messages. With the stored session key a particular
message can be decrypted automatically.

(Note that session key is not user's private key. It is the random key
generated for the symmetric key encryption. In public key encryption
that random session key is encrypted with user's public key and
decrypted with private key.)

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