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Re: tramp and adb, strange escape codes in dired

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: tramp and adb, strange escape codes in dired
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2020 15:20:01 +0200
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Giovanni Biscuolo <> writes:

> Hello Michael,


>> Same here. And since it is fixed for me in tramp-adb, there are good
>> chances we'll fix it also for you :-)
> It works! \O/


>> It looks to me like this is bug#30594 (
>> This bug has been fixed with Tramp 2.4, part of Emacs 27.1. So I
>> recommend you to install this Tramp version from GNU ELPA (Tramp
>> is the recent version).
> I don't know what happened yestarday but I was sure I installed TRAMP
> (via Guix, not GNU ELPA) but the first test I did after
> restarting Emacs gave me the same results as before.
> Anyway, today I was testing again and it works like a charm!

Sometimes, some old cache values are in the way. I recommend "M-x
tramp-cleanup-all-connections" in this case.

> Thank you! Gio'

Best regards, Michael.

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