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Re: Opening multiple files in a single buffer?

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Opening multiple files in a single buffer?
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 14:24:29 +0000
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I can't tell you how feasible it would be, but unless you want to implement it yourself, you'll probably have to do some more convincing in order to get someone to implement it for you. As you said yourself, the potential use cases for such a multi-file buffer are easily covered by other means.

Are covered: yes. Are easily covered: no. If you take the tool-bar, everything it offers is (very!) easily covered by other means. Yet it exists, because it makes these things easier for some users.

There is `multi-occur` for searching in multiple buffers, there are front-ends to e.g., ripgrep (I use `counsel-rg` self) to search through multiple files and with `wgrep` you can then edit those occurrences in one go. (I use `multiple-cursors`, but you can also do a search and replace in the multi-occur buffer.)

Yes, these tools exist. Yet I'd bet that many users would find a multi-file buffer far easier to use than these tools. Many users find it easier to use customize than to type Emacs LISP code by hand in their .emacs file.


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