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emacsclient font lock problem

From: Shiyuan
Subject: emacsclient font lock problem
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2020 12:27:14 -0700

    I am on GNU-emacs 24.5. I notice a problem when using emacsclient: When
a computer wakes up from asleep, the font-lock-fontify-buffer doesn't run
automatically. The result is that the buffer is not correctly fontified
based on  grammar and I have to manually run the font-lock-fontify-buffer
command. Restarting the emacs server also resolves the problem. But It's
annoying to restart everything everytime the computer wakes up from
asleep.  I suspect some connection fails to re-establish when the computer
wakes up, but I don't understand what connections ---except the
fonitication, emacsclient seems to work well.   Also,  Is there  a way to
fix the problem without restarting the server.  Thank you!

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