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Re: Faces?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Faces?
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2020 19:23:21 +0200
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Douglas Lewan wrote:

> Is there a "Hello, World!" kind of tutorial about
> setting (and unsetting) faces?
> The only thing I find in the emacs info suggests
> putting face attributes character by character.
> I can do that, but there has to be something more
> appropriately abstract.

Here are some face stuff:

;;; -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;;; this file:

(defun insert-colored-text (str color bright)
  "Insert STR at point, in COLOR, and sometimes BRIGHT."
  (interactive (list (read-string "string: ")
                     (read-string "color: ")
                     (y-or-n-p    "bright? ") ))
  (insert (propertize str 'font-lock-face
          `(:weight ,(if bright 'bold 'normal) :foreground ,color) )))

;; use this to test
(when nil
    (forward-line 1)
    (insert "The French flag is ")
    (insert-colored-text "blue, "   "blue"  t)
    (insert-colored-text "white, "  "white" t)
    (insert "and" )
    (insert-colored-text " red." "red"   nil) ) ; <- eval me

(defun test-all-faces ()
  "Print a test string in every color, normal and bright."
  (forward-line 1)
  (let ((str "this is what it looks like"))
    (dolist (bold '(nil t))
      (dolist (color '("black" "red" "green" "yellow" "blue"
                       "magenta" "cyan" "white") )
         (format "%s in %s (that is %sbold)\n" str color
                 (if bold "" "not "))
         color bold) ))))

;; test all colors:
;; (test-all-faces) ; <- eval me

And even more in this long file [1], in particular
the `font-lock-add-keywords' stuff (line 27) and
"what-face" (line 49).

I wonder tho... why is this, uhm, required?

  (require 'erc-button)
  (require 'erc-match)

The byte compiler doesn't issue any complaint if
I comment it out. But without it, Emacs reports an
invalid face error on boot (when the file is loaded).

What I can see ERC doesn't get any special treatment
in that file, either.


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