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diff-goto-source hi-jacks my M-o

From: Tomas Nordin
Subject: diff-goto-source hi-jacks my M-o
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2020 17:55:06 +0200


I just tried vc-diff, C-x v D, or maybe vc-root-diff. Anyway, I
discovered that one of my favorite custom key-bindings, M-o, which I use
for other-window, was hi-jacked. It was hi-jacked to run the command
`diff-goto-source'. I checked to see if some other key-bindings that I
would probably guess do so, also run `diff-goto-source', namely RET and
`o'. And they did. So I could count to three diff-goto-source bindings
from the vd-diff buffer.

Checking mode help (C-h m), we can find some more;

C-c C-c             diff-goto-source
M-RET               diff-goto-source
M-o                     diff-goto-source (my precious)
ESC <mouse-2>   diff-goto-source

Seems to be a very important command to find. But for me it would be
enough with RET. And if one is to be voted away, I vote for my precious
M-o to be left alone.

PS: Whenever I fiddle with elisp I am completely in the hands of the
package paredit. And it, too, hi-jacks my M-o!

Happy fiddling

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