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[SOLVED] Re: Why run-with-timer generates so many timers?

From: address@hidden
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: Why run-with-timer generates so many timers?
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2020 13:54:13 +0800

Thanks for your help, problem solved.

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On Sat, Jul 18, 2020 at 10:07 AM Michael Heerdegen <>

> "" <> writes:
> > Here is the code lines which running timer:
> >
> Looks like you save the timer in a global variable; but your mode is
> buffer local.  In your implementation, enabling in any buffer starts a
> new timer unconditionally and overwrites the global variable AUAIU.
> Dunno whether this is the reason for all of the timers you see.
> The question if you should use only one global timer for all buffers is
> not trivial; if you can do that, it is preferable.  Depends on things
> like which buffers should be treated (all?, all visible?, only the
> current buffer?).  Haven't looked at your code that much.
> Michael.

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