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Re: flyspell duplicate exceptions

From: Colin Baxter
Subject: Re: flyspell duplicate exceptions
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2020 14:05:45 +0100
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Dear Dmitry
>>>>> Dmitry Alexandrov <> writes:

    > Colin Baxter <> wrote:
    >> I ended up actually using it in a '.dir-locals.el' since flyspell
    >> must be loaded first to ensure that the variable
    >> 'flyspell-mark-duplications-exceptions' is recognised.

    >   (with-eval-after-load 'flyspell …)

    > or just

    >   (require 'flyspell)

I used

#+begin_src elisp
(with-eval-after-load 'flyspell
  (push "myexception" ;; Remember to use lower case!
  (alist-get nil flyspell-mark-duplications-exceptions)))

Best wishes,


Colin Baxter

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