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Re: Looking for a helper for advanced conflicts resolution.

From: wgreenhouse
Subject: Re: Looking for a helper for advanced conflicts resolution.
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 15:08:02 -0400
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Sergey Organov <> writes:

> Michael Heerdegen <> writes:
>> Sergey Organov <> writes:
>>> Hello,
>>> To aid in resolution of complex conflicts, I'd like to know if there is
>>> a tool in Emacs that, given diff3-style 3-way conflict output, would
>>> convert it into 2 simple diffs: "mine" changes from common ancestor, and
>>> "yours" changes from common ancestor. Does anybody know about one?
>> Doesn't "smerge" do that (`smerge-diff-base-upper',
>> `smerge-diff-base-lower', `smerge-diff-upper-lower')?
> Dunno, will try it, thanks for pointing!
>> I'm using Ediff.  AFAIR Ediff can't do the analogue out of the box when
>> merging, but it's not hard to implement.
> Yeah, that was my first candidate, and I've tried to invoke it from
> magit, but it doesn't seem indeed to have the feature. Implementing it
> probably is not a big deal indeed, with or without ediff, I just hope to
> find something ready.

There is `smerge-ediff'.

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