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Re: make a drawing with Emacs

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: make a drawing with Emacs
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2020 22:48:01 +0200
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Marcin Borkowski wrote:

>> You want programmability. Look into TiKZ (whether
>> you end up using it or not) for some inspiration
>> on what you might want a drawing program to do for
>> you. Or Metapost: as an heir to Metafont, it
>> probably has that declarative touch to it.
> To expand a bit (as a TikZ user and a former
> METAPOST user):
> METAPOST is older, has (I think) less add-ons than
> TikZ, but has a few very distinctive features, most
> notably drawing "nice" Bezier curves without
> specifying the control points, and a declarative
> engine for solving systems of linear equations -
> a very nice thing to have when you want to find
> intersections of lines. (TikZ has the former if you
> use LuaTeX and some package I don't remember the
> name of, and the latter sort-of, i.e., much
> less general.)
> METAPOST is rather sparsely documented (that said,
> I used it for considerable time and was satisfied
> with it).
> If you stick with METAPOST, consider looking at
> ConTeXt, which heavily extends it with the
> so-called "METAFUN macros".
> Most probably, you want TikZ. Excellent software,
> excellent documentation, numerous add-ons.
> Nice things are:
> - it has a _lot_ of ways to specify coordinates
> (2D, pseudo-3D, polar coordinates and a lot more),
> - there are a lot of ways to add various labels
> (called "nodes") to the drawing.

WOW, good post.

I don't know anything about this! What is
this software?

underground experts united

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