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Re: How users start programming in Emacs Lisp...

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: How users start programming in Emacs Lisp...
Date: Sun, 30 May 2021 12:23:04 -0300

On Sun, 30 May 2021 at 11:45, Tomas Hlavaty <> wrote:
> On Sun 30 May 2021 at 13:43, Arthur Miller <> wrote:
> > Or maybe your eev already does that. Still didn't try it. It seems so
> > conceptually big to me so I never get to it.
> I can only recommend eev.  It is one of the best ideas I've seen
> recently.  Some things are hard to get into, but getting started with
> eev-beginner is not that difficult.  My executable notes are now eepitch
> blocks and I find it much better and way simpler than anything org-mode.
> Some things could be improved but it is not hard to redefine a few
> functions.  The biggest issue I have with eepitch is that it uses
> non-printable character as a marker which does not tunnel through many
> protocols; for example notice how the example in the email from Eduardo
> has the eepitch block stripped.

Hi Tomas,

I just had an idea to make the eepitch accept both the original ^O
(char 15) and the bullet char (char 8226) to indicate its "red star
lines"... can you try this?

  (eepitch-set-glyph0 ?• ?• 'eepitch-star-face)

  (setq eepitch-regexp      "^ *[ •]\\(.*\\)")
  ;; Or: (setq eepitch-regexp "^[ •]\\(.*\\)")

  (defun eewrap-eepitch () (interactive)
    (let* ((fmt   "• (eepitch-%s)\n• (eepitch-kill)\n• (eepitch-%s)")
           (li    (ee-this-line-extract))
           (newli (format fmt li li)))
      (insert newli))
    (ee-next-line 1))

Then try to run this with <f8>s:

  • (eepitch-shell)
  • (eepitch-kill)
  • (eepitch-shell)
  cd /tmp/

Now `M-T' will use the red bullet chars insert of the red star

  Cheers (& hope that the chars 8226 here don't get lost in
    Eduardo =)

P.S.: Some links:

;; (find-eev "eepitch.el" "eewrap-eepitch")
;; (find-eev "eepitch.el" "eepitch" "defvar eepitch-regexp")
;; (find-elongkey-links "M-T  ;; eewrap-eepitch")
;; (find-einsert (list 8226 (char-from-name "BULLET")))
;; (eek "C-x 8 * C-h")
;; (find-eev-quick-intro "6. Controlling shell-like programs")

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