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project-mode vs projectile (Was: How to profile restoring from

From: Steinar Bang
Subject: project-mode vs projectile (Was: How to profile restoring from .emacs.desktop)
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2021 11:02:27 +0200
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>>>>> Dmitry Gutov <>:

> On 29.01.2021 00:58, Stefan Monnier wrote:
(on project-mode)

>> It was introduced in Emacs-25, with extremely limited functionality.
>> Its functionality has grown a bit since, but it's still very minimal.
>> It's more thought as something on top of which other tools (like xref)
>> can provide features.
>>> (I'm still on emacs 26 and 27)
>> I think there was nothing new for it in Emacs-26, but Emacs-27 did spice
>> it up a bit (check the NEWS file for more info).

> And it's grown again a bit in Emacs 28, with a global keymap and a set
> of project-scoped commands in it, among other things.

> Most importantly, you can install the latest version of project.el
> inside Emacs 26 or 27 from GNU ELPA.

Maybe it is time for me to try project-mode out again, then?

Is there an overview on what kind of commands are available in the emacs
28 project-mode?

By this time I have about 6 months of actively using projectile (once I
got the startup issues cleared away and using the cache instead), and
I've quite grown to like it.

I have replaced navigating with switch-to-buffer with the
projectile-find-file file command, and switch between projects with
projectile-switch-open-project command and find a directory with the
projectile-find-dir command (the find file and find dir commands stay
within a project).

So that has mostly replaced my need for .emacs.desktop.
(The only reason I'm still using .emacs.desktop, is to restore the open
windows.  Is it possible to have .emacs.desktop restore windows but not

Other useful commands:
 - projectile-grep which rgreps inside a project useful
 - projectile-compile-project (very useful for maven projects, where the
   mvn command must be run at the top directory of the project far from
   the file being edited)
 - projectile-find-tag (very useful, once I was able to make CTAGS
   recognize ES6 javascript)

What I'm missing are commands that do the same thing as the project
level commands for project modules, in particular for maven multi-module

The most important command to get a module command for is the compile
command (because building a single module takes a lot less time than
building the entire reactor build), but module specific search and
navigate commands would also be useful.

Does project-mode have a concept of modules? (the maven concept of
modules is what's in my mind)


- Steinar

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