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Re: icomplete-vertical-mode not taking effect

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: icomplete-vertical-mode not taking effect
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2021 14:46:28 +0300
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* <> [2021-06-20 14:34]:
> I have pointed out that the idea of making icomplete-vertical as a
> mode created the problem.

If it does create the problem depends from a viewpoint and experience,
knowledge, many various factors. Initially, when I discovered
`fido-mode' and `icomplete-mode' I was disappointed as `helm' and
`ivy-mode' look so much better and user experience is safer. There is
high chance for me personally to make mistakes in the built-in
completion modes. 

The function `icomplete-vertical-mode' should maybe be split into
'fido-vertical-mode' which would invoke `fido-mode' automatically, and
`icomplete-vertical-mode' which would invoke `icomplete-mode'
automatically'. It is yet in the development version of Emacs, it is
not finished issue, even if it is, there is always room to improve


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